Injection Moulding Machine Series
Brand New Series, Always on Track,
May cover a wide variety of applications,
Large Mould Height Accommodation,
High Rigidity,
Clamping force 108-360t

May cover a wide variety of applications
Each machine can be customized with a choice
between 3 sizes of injection unit/ 9 types of
screw & barrel. Cost effective & efficient approach
for user’s requirement
Single Cylinder Injection Unit
Single Cylinder Design Approach: Stable Injection
Motion, Better Control Precision in High and Low
Speed Injection.
Large Mould Height Accommodation
and Space between Tie Bars
High Rigidity
Mould platen is Box-shape designed, together with
chrome-plated high tensile tie-bars allow high rigid
Energy Saving
Servo motor system, energy saving up 50-80%
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