Executive Speech

The market is a platform for us to express our talents. Over the years, Yan Hing Group has grown with increasing number of supports and recognitions from customers.
          Yan Hing Group has persevered more than half a century in the machine manufacturing sector. Nevertheless, the past has reminded us of the need to spare no effort in continuous improvement. We have set our sights on even higher targets for the future.
          In the coming year, we will continue to operate according to our core values, namely 'Quality Comes First, and Customers as our Foremost Concern'. In the meantime, we put heavy emphasis on our business philosophy: 'we survive on quality; we excel on development; we manage for profits', in order to achieve 'every task and every product, fulfilling customers' expectations.'
          The years of hands-on market experience have taught us valuable lessons on business reality, that the marketplace is the platform where we demonstrate our potential and superiority. Support from our customers is vital to us, like water is to plants. In the past 50 years, thanks to all our customers and industry friends for their support and care. Though we have made it in many ways, we are still growing.
          I represent the company to sincerely acknowledge the support you have given us. We sincerely look forward to valuable advice from everyone. Furthermore, we value sharing and exchange of technical expertise. We promise to provide the best product and quality of service to all. Let us work together for a better tomorrow.

Roland W.C. Laung
October, 2020